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This is an original designed and handmade shawl by Janet, the owner of Gypsy Wind Clothing. This is a 2 Button On-The-Shoulder “Shawl That Won’t Fall Off”!  This shawl is designed with 2 buttons on the shoulder (either shoulder is okay) and the seam is re-enforced with ribbon so that it has good body & strengthened re-enforced stitching. The buttons vary from shawl to shawl and the choice of size and color is strictly dependent on the whim of the designer (me! Janet). It is flowy, graceful and classy on all women, sizes small to 3X. A little caution to my very petite (as in very short) ladies…these 2 button shawls, due to their design will be long and very flowy on you.  It is lightweight and perfect for that extra little layer, whether for work, play or travel. (I wore one in an airport and had 6 women stop me and say they love my shawl!) Fabulous tummy, bum and arm coverage. Almost makes you look 10 lbs. lighter (not 10 years younger though!) Flowy, graceful, figure flattering…Who could ask for more!?  I wear them all the time and everywhere…from the grocery story with my jeans and tees…to traveling and doing airports in cold country and arriving to sunny locations and needing them to cover a sundress!  I hope you feel as wonderful in them as you look! 

Red/Beige/Teal Medium Weight-2 Button Shawl

  • Medium weight Pashmina style fabric: blend of Acrylic & Viscose: Due to the nature of this woven fabric, there may be occasional loose threads and weaves. The fabrics are soft and beautiful but not guaranteed “absolutely perfect”!

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