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Peacock design! Stunning colors! Predominately bright pink in trim and flowers--peacock in red with tail feathers in red/pink/moss green.  There is some black accent colors that really pop out when worn over black top or dress.   Absolutely gorgeous and stunning...worn with the "little black dress", blue jeans,/black slacks...just about everything goes! Dress it up or dress it down.  Great for weddings, cruising, work and play.

This is an original designed and handmade shawl by Janet, the owner of Gypsy Wind Clothing.  This is a 2 Button On-The-Shoulder “Shawl That Won’t Fall Off”!  This shawl is designed with 2 buttons on the shoulder (either shoulder is okay) and the seam is re-enforced with ribbon so that it has good body & strengthened re-enforced stitching.  The buttons vary from shawl to shawl and the choice of size and color of buttons is strictly dependent on the whim of the designer (me! Janet). It is a wonderful and classy layer to add to any sleeveless (sleeves okay too!) top or dress.  It fits MOST women but the one caution I offer is to women that are really busty or plus sized…it can be a bit short in length on you & will not do tummy or bum coverage!...but great shoulder coverage (and beautiful!)   It is lightweight and perfect for that extra little layer, whether for work, play, weddings, travel or night-on-the-town.  Dressing up & changing any existing outfit…Who could ask for more!? I wear these shawls all the time and everywhere…from the grocery story with my jeans and tees…to traveling and doing airports.  I hope you feel as wonderful in them as you look! 

Peacock-Bright Pink/Red/soft Moss Green-Cutout Chiffon/Knit-2 Button Shawl

  • Burnout--chiffon/knit/polyester

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