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For those of us who love our blacks...this is a perfect piece to add to our wardrobe. The black burnout velvet is classic and goes with everything.  Wear it over a summer sun dress. Dress it up and put it over a little black dress. Use it cover up your shoulder when you're wearing some bare. And never hesitate to wear it with your jeans and boots.    

Black Burnout Velvet 2 Button Shawl

Option 2: Black
  • This shawl is a one size fits "most".  By that I mean there are some things to be aware of! It is 21" in width. If you are petite, then this shawl is a great length for you (it won’t overwhelm you by being too long!) .  But if you are really busty or plus size, then the shawl will have less tummy and bum coverage. It will still do good shoulder coverage though!

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