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We have been blessed with having a lot of fun and some wonderful adventures with our clothing store.  Gypsy Wind Clothing started out in Cottage Grove, OR as The Cottage Boutique.  It was there that we felt the first winds of adventure calling to us!  “Let’s move to Hawaii!”  Why not??!! (or as we are fond of saying in Spanish… “Porque no??!!”) In making life changing decisions I have always tried to make sure they were okay with the Lord first and then if they were “moral, ethical and legal”…why not??!!  Porque no?!  So, we packed everything into an ocean-going container and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and settled in Kona.  There our store was known as Latitude 19….latitude with attitude!  Great resort style clothing, perfect for work, play and travel! 


After 2 years there we felt the winds of adventure calling us once again.  My husband and I had lived in Mexico in the late 90’s in Cabo San Lucas.  And once again the sea, surf, sun and sand of Mexico was calling to us.  So….we packed everything back up into an ocean-going container and sent it down to Baja Mexico where we landed in the small town of Los Barriles (about 1 ½ hours up the Sea of Cortez from Cabo San Lucas).  There our store was known as SunDays Clothing Co.  It was always a sunny day in Los Barriles! 


Three years later the winds of change were calling to us again.  This time we were crossing the border and coming back home to Oregon.  But because we love the sense of traveling and being “on the road” we decided to take Gypsy Wind Clothing on-the-road with us.  We have traveled around to different cities and states doing arts & crafts fairs and various shows along the way.  Our website and e-commerce abilities have made it possible for people to shop Gypsy Wind “wherever the winds of life take us”!!! 

And now for the newest chapter of our adventures!...we have put down permanent roots in the wonderful and amazing town of Sisters, Oregon!!  It is the best place in the world!  It is full of wonderful people, stores, restaurants, and things/places to see and do.  Please come and see'll enjoy the entire town.


My hope and prayer really is that our paths will cross here in Sisters, Oregon and I will get to meet you in person!!

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